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Responsive file manager

Do you have a GitHub project? Now you can sync your releases automatically with SourceForge and take advantage of both platforms. This is a tool meant for rapid file access, and also to verify the server php configuration and security. The script can be renamed and deployed on an unique known url, and offers password protection. This is a public demo installation, and will reset itself every 30 min. Carry this piece of code with you all the time, just grab the one fileupload it to your web server, and you are ready to go.

A fully functional database manager in just 55kb. Download for free. Keywords: phpmyadmin mysql sql manager query queries generator php html css easy quick linux windows simple small. You can use templates for account creation and use multiple configuration profiles. Account information can be exported as PDF file.

Visit xoda. Easy to install and configure. Now with multi user support! Now upload, manage and edit your files.

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CSZ CMS is an open source web application that allows to manage all content and settings on the websites. CSZ CMS was built on the basis of Codeigniter and design the structure of Bootstrapthis should make your website fully responsive with ease. More source codes: Complete Do you need a web framework with minimized training effort?

Ness PHP offers you a model-view-controller based environment for coding faster, safer and stronger web applications with nearly zero configuration.

Get rid of mess and focus the main logic of your project Ness PHP It is low resource intensive, extremely powerful and highly secure. Calibre has the ability to view, convert, edit, and catalog e-books of almost any e-book format. A MySql database need to be created in order to work, but the package will create Further information with respect to the management and administration of your wiki: BlueSpice is free, open source und not subject to any restrictions with regards to the number of users.

There are no licence fees or other additional costs, no matter how many employees are using the software. Existing content is not changed or lost when installing BlueSpice. It contains libraries and functions for ringtones,logos,phonebook,SMS,etc.Note: I have now made ResponsiveFileManager available to.

NET Core. Firstly, I uploaded the source code to GitHub a few months ago in case anyone wants to fork it. Secondly, I was curious as to how one could integrate this in. I've discovered that Phalanger is being superceded by a new project called PeachPie same guys I think.

I have been in contact and they inform me that while it is not yet possible to integrate this file manager due to PeachPie being incomplete as of now The cURL library, for example, has yet to be implemented.

However, they seem very much excited about this as a practical use for PeachPie and as such have agreed to write a blog post on their site as soon as this becomes possible. I encourage you to keep an eye on this project; it is shaping up very nicely. They can already run Wordpress on. NET Core! I was somewhat disappointed in the fact that there's not much available. I settled for the next best thing; ELFinder.

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ELFinder is good for what it is, but also takes a bit of work to get up and running. I found ELFinder Connector for. NET and used that. All was working fine, but I still wasn't very happy - not with the look of the thing or various issues I won't go into. In any case, I continued work on my CMS and decided to forget about this issue for the time being.

Fast forward a year to just a couple of weeks ago: I decided to look around again and see if anything was available. I even searched the envato market in the hopes of finding something to purchase. Alas, no luck. Inwe are still sorely in need of a decent file manager at least for non-PHP developers that is. So I decided to take another crack at Responsive File Manager - firstly to see how complex it was and if I should attempt to rewrite it in JQuery.

It was at this time that I had a thought. I wondered if there was something for PHP. A few minutes of Googling later and bingo! I discovered Phalanger - the PHP compiler for. I spent the next few days struggling with various issues to make it work just right, but I am happy to say, I now have Responsive File Manager working very well within my ASP. Follow the steps below and you can too This prevents a particular compiler error.

If I recall correctly, it's used when handling bitmap files. This needs to be commented out because the sharpen function makes a call to imageconvolution which is something not yet supported by Phalanger. Luckily for us, ignoring this doesn't seem to make any noticeable difference. So far pretty much everything seems to be working well, but I will note that I didn't bother checking the Aviary image editing features because I have no need of them at this point.

It is likely there will be a few issues to fix with that too. To my satisfaction, this is not the case; there is absolutely no need whatsoever for a PHP view engine; you can continue using your. However, I do find the thought of adding a PHP view engine alongside the Razor one to be very intriguing. Those more interested should have some fun with that. Hats off to the Phalanger team and to Alberto Peripolli for his excellent file manager.

Now us.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

Responsive FileManager 9.13.4 - Multiple Vulnerabilities

If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. You can use it as external plugin for TinyMCE version 4.

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The script automatically creates thumbnails of images for the preview list and can create also external thumbnails to use in your cms or site. It can be configured for automatic resizing of uploaded images or to automatically limit the size.

You can personalize the configuration for each folder. You can set a subfolder as the root and change the configuration for each user, page or FileManager call. Is compatible with multi-user mode and you can edit images with aviary editor, sorting files. In order to work on assets, you need to install Node.

Skip to content. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Sign up. PHP Branch: master. Find file. Sign in Sign up. Go back. Launching Xcode If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. Latest commit. Latest commit Jul 4, Creator: info albertoperipolli.

You signed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session.Changes in Version 9. Otherwise returned URL-s will be absolute. PS If you don't see the preview images you need to give write permission to the thumbs folder.

If you are updating from a previous version of FileManager delete the contents of thumbs folder, the script will automatically re-create the thumbnails. You can pass this variables on TinyMCE init. Add a textarea inside your page. Include CKeditor library ans add the init script of CKEditor: The urls must point inside your filemanager folder so change they properly. If you want pass other config variables in the url like language please see the below "Get Variables list" paragraph. You can use normal pop-up, Bootstrap modal, iframe, FancyBox iframe, Lightbox iframe to open the FileManager with these paths:.

responsive file manager

Get Variables list type : the type of filemanager 1:images files 2:all files 3:video files fldr : the folder where i enter the root folder remains the same. In config. So if you want to permit access only to a logged users you can add all the controls at beginning of config.

In Responsive FileManager you can customise the config. Simply create a config. You can use this to specify restrictions or images resizing.

To enable cross-domain file selector, where files are hosted on one server for example, serverA. Then on serverB. Please note, that the code is written for jQuery with FancyBox plug-in.

responsive file manager

Changes in Version 7. Changes in Version 6.RFM from ver. Now you can create modern, attractive-looking, animated image galleries just with few mouse clicks directly in the CKEditor. No additional plugins is required. RFM - can do: 1. It is fully adaptive full responsive. Can send files to the server as well as create their thumbnails.

Possible sending a single file or multiple files in batch mode. You can use Drag and drop or select files directly. Also possible sending over Java applet without file size limitation on PC must be installed Java.

Can be integrated into the TinyMCE version 4. Or work in stand-alone mode. Have a free version of the Aviary graphic editor, which allows you to edit images directly on your site. Free version has one limitation it can save images up to x pixels max.

Settings editing interface is provided with 3 ready to use language files: English, Lithuanian and Russian. From version 2. Version changed to 2. No need manual edit if your site installed not in domain root. When Thumbnail inserted its generated with link to full size image.

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And its can be opened with PrettyPhoto script. Thumb button programme code generates dynamically like CKEditor plugin when button Integrate is clicked. RFM core changes: 1.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

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I'm using this file manager for file upload in tinymce. File Manager. Now I can upload image and see from that about. My settings of tinymce is. After uploading image and selecting,it shows a path in the image source box as ". I tried some changes but not working.

Learn more. Responsive filemanager in tinymce, directory settings Ask Question. Asked 6 years, 5 months ago. Active 3 years, 4 months ago. Viewed 19k times. File Manager Having some problem with the directory. I'm using tinymce 4.

10 Free and powerful File Managers for the web

I had same issue, check this might help you stackoverflow. Active Oldest Votes. The Overflow Blog. The Overflow How many jobs can be done at home? Featured on Meta. Community and Moderator guidelines for escalating issues via new response…. Feedback on Q2 Community Roadmap. Triage needs to be fixed urgently, and users need to be notified upon…. Dark Mode Beta - help us root out low-contrast and un-converted bits. Technical site integration observational experiment live on Stack Overflow.

Linked 0. Related Hot Network Questions. Question feed. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.Also includes multi file selection. Reviewing code for errors has never been so easy!

Documentation Click Here. Upgrade to Pro Version. File Manager Google Drive provides you ability to edit, delete, upload, download, copy and paste files and folders in Google Drive.

File Manager OneDrive provides you ability to edit, delete, upload, download, copy and paste files and folders in OneDrive from File Manager.

File Manager Dropbox provides you ability to edit, delete, upload, download, copy and paste files and folders in dropbox. File Manager Box provides you ability to edit, delete, upload, download, copy and paste files and folders in Box.

File Manager Git Github integration for file manager. File Manager Slack Slack incoming webhook integration to file manager. Yes, You can achieve any files and folders as zip then simple download it. Please view screenshots. The following people have contributed to this plugin. View support forum. Skip to content WordPress.

responsive file manager

Description File Manager allows you to edit, delete, upload, download, zip, copy and paste files and folders directly from the WordPress backend. The most powerful, flexible, and easiest WordPress file management solution ever built! Shortcode: Available with custom attributes for frontend. Private Folder: Admin can give access of same and different folder to different users roles and different users.

Fullscreen View: Admin can control code editor fullscreen view.

Урок 6 - настройка Responsive File Manager

Editor : There are a lots of themes available for code editor. Admin can control code editor themes.

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File Type: Control what files can be uploaded and what file can be downloaded. User Role: admin is able to control file operations and hide and lock Files and Folders for user roles.

responsive file manager

Users: admin is able to control file operations and hide and lock Files and Folders for particular user. High performance: High performance server backend and light client UI. File system: Local file system storage drivers. Edit file: User can edit text files and images.

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Frontend Access: User can access frontend using shortcode. Admin Email Notifications. Admin will get a Notification whenever a file is updated. Admin will get a Notification whenever a file is Downloaded. Admin will get a Notification whenever a file is Edited.

Google Drive Integration drag drop, copy paste all other operations between file manager and google drive. Dropbox Integration drag drop, copy paste all other operations between file manager and dropbox.

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